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Guía de recursos para Psicología: Inicio

Esta página contiene varios recursos destacados relacionados con Psicología

Bibliotecóloga para Psicología

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Judith Rodríguez Gómez
Biblioteca Alfonso Borrero Cabal S.J.
Servicios Especializados. Piso 0.
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Recursos destacados

Challenges in creativity & psychology


This book is divided into two parts. The first part presents contemporary approaches to the study of creativity. The second part tries to establish a bridge between creativity - seen as an object of study - and the creative exercise of Psychology.

Psicología clínica: fundamentos existenciales


This book is about the existential foundations of mental health, suffering, psychopathology, and psychotherapy. It is understood that in order to understand the experience of human beings we need to attend to the experiential process.

Automata's Inner Movie


The branch of philosophy called "philosophy of mind" has been center stage in the discipline for over a half-century. Involving issues such as consciousness, perception, and intentionality, the sub-discipline has often intersected with the sciences.

Digital Art Therapy


Considering the latest advances and developments in the arena of digital media, this book explores current materials, methods and applications of digital technology in art therapy. It looks thoroughly at the many potential uses and benefits of digital technology.

The Subjectified and Subjectifying Mind


Putting subjectivity back in psychology and in social sciences is the aim of this volume. Subjectivity is a core psychological dimension but frequently forgotten. Without a full understanding of the uniqueness of each human life our understanding of psychological life.

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